Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sketch: Life

by Daniel Hutchison

After some meditation on being back in the states, this image I drew still resonates. God has extended His love to us through a loving son. I saw it in Chile and see it here in the beautiful state of Tennessee as well. Our God is huge and still loves our comparatively small selves. God is good.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Sketch: Allende's Tomb

by Spencer Richardson 

Here is a sketch of Allende's tomb at the General Cemetery. He is a member of the Bussi family and several other members of his family are buried there. His tomb is prominent among them and is the easiest to read when looking in the door.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Sketch: Valle de Elqui

by Seth Lykins

This is a reflective sketch I did of the night sky that we saw in Valle de Elqui. It was truly breathtaking and this does not do it justice.

Sketch: Universidad Alberto Hurtado

by Rachel Lowry

This is a sketch I did at UAH one day during our lunch break. I am usually not a doodler, but I challenged myself to this that afternoon before class and hoped I would enjoy the memory more than a simple photograph. While sketching, I was so relaxed and actually kind of enjoyed it and ended up creating a memory that really is more enjoyable to look at than a picture.

Sketch: Patagonia

by Ibeth Nuñez

I started drawing this at the airport on our way to Patagonia. I didn't think I would draw much on this page: it just started by finding a place for my donuts sticker because it said Patagonia. Since I had time on my hands I started to draw some random things on the page, and as we traveled for 9 days in Patagonia, this is what I came up with.  

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sketch: General Cemetery

by Anna McRay


This is a sketch of a scene at the General Cemetery or the Cementerio General in Santiago. Our entire group spent an afternoon here after we took a tour of Villa Grimaldi, one of the centers for torture during the dictatorship from 1973-1990. I really enjoyed visiting this cemetery because it was interesting to see how it was divided based on social status. The cemetery holds about 5 million people and is so large that it contains several streets and city-size blocks. Each street indicated a section of economic status. The people of high class are buried near the front, closer to the chapel. The poor people are buried in graves (like the one pictured) near the outskirts. 

Sketch: Where is home?

by Emily Riddle

I don't really draw. Ask my friends. I wish I was an artist and I try to be, but it usually fails or ends up with me being frustrated... I mean, "fascinated." Throughout my journal, whenever a quote would come up or something would happen that would stick in my head, it would usually take up an entire page. This is one of them. At the time that I wrote/drew this, I was thinking of home as my house in Tennessee with my family. It has now grown to mean something completely different. I now consider myself to have 3 homes. My home in Franklin, my home at Lipscomb, and my home in Santiago. It doesn't matter if my home is a literal building anymore. I have come to learn that my home is the people surrounding me.